Reports on MIDPOINT Feature Launch, Shorts & Intensive Serbia programs

May 07, 2018

The second workshop of MIDPOINT Feature Launch and Shorts, as well as the first edition of MIDPOINT Intensive Serbia successfully wrapped up on May 3 in Belgrade, Serbia.

It welcomed 43 participants with 17 promising projects, together with 18 tutors. The complex program of three workshops was held in Belgrade for the first time in collaboration with Film Center Serbia.

Participants of all three programs had the opportunity for not only group work and open lectures, but also individual meetings with experienced international professionals. The themes of the lectures covered a wide range of script and project development – from European film financing and funding, co-production markets, sales, digital distribution to project pitching and marketing strategies.


/ Danijel Hocevar – Head of Studies of Feature Launch  
/ Anne Gensior – Core Tutor
/ Pavel Jech – Core Tutor
/ Ivo Trajkov – Core Tutor
/ Pavel Marek – Core Tutor
/ Csaba Bollok – Core Tutor
/ Gabriele Brunnenmeyer – Pitching Tutor
/ Alessandro Gropplero – Guest Tutor
/ Christina Liapi – Guest Tutor
/ Olimpia Pont Cháfer – Guest Tutor
/ Inke Van Loocke – Guest Tutor
/ Oceane Portal – Guest Tutor
/ Stefan Arsenijevic – Guest Tutor
/ Manfred Schmidt – Guest Tutor
/ Marcin Luczaj – Guest Tutor
/ Wim Vanacker – Guest Tutor

MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018 participants will continue their adventure at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, where they will participate in the "Works in Development – Feature Launch" showcase. Get more information on the MIDPOINT Feature Launch projects here.

MIDPOINT Shorts 2018 has concluded in Belgrade after 4 months of intensive work. We wish all the best to our graduates. Learn more about the participants and their short film projects here.

For the first time, thanks to the Film Center Serbia, we could also organize an intensive 4-day program for Serbian audiovisual professionals. Get to know the promising projects and participants from MIDPOINT Intensive Serbia 2018 program here.

We have enjoyed our stay in lovely city of Belgrade. See the photo gallery here.

MIDPOINT Feature Launch is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Czech Film Fund, Film Center Serbia, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Trieste Film Festival, When East Meets West and Audiovisual Producers' Association. Program is organised in collaboration with CineMart and Connecting Cottbus.

MIDPOINT Shorts program is organized with support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Czech Film Fund as well as Film Center Serbia.

Script Consulting Incubator

The Czech training program for script consulting initiated by the Czech Film Fund and organized by MIDPOINT ran together with the second workshop of Feature Launch and Shorts in Belgrade. The script consultant trainees joined the script development process and were supervised by MIDPOINT Core Tutors and Incubator's Head of Studies Gyula Gazdag. After the four script consultant trainees will have completed their initial training at MIDPOINT, they will move on to become script consultants for new Czech film projects that have received development support from the film fund.

Find out more about the Script Consulting Incubator here.

MIDPOINT Intensive CZ 

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