Now reading: MIDPOINT Shorts to grant the best project with HAVC & MIDPOINT Development Award!


MIDPOINT Shorts to grant the best project with HAVC & MIDPOINT Development Award!

We are delighted to unveil the HAVC & MIDPOINT Development Award for the best short film, a groundbreaking addition to the MIDPOINT Shorts 2023-2024 program.

January 17, 2024

This award, dedicated to the program's standout project, is co-funded by our partner, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC).
We extend our gratitude to HAVC for their support.

✺ Award Highlights
The award, featuring a cash prize of 3000 EUR, is designed to provide vital financial support to exceptional talents, empowering them to further develop their short film projects.

✺ Program Finale
The MIDPOINT Shorts 2023-2024 program will conclude with its second workshop and a project showcase at the When East Meets West Co-production Forum. The Shorts Showcase is scheduled for Monday, January 22 at 16:30 CET.

✺ Award Ceremony
The winner of the HAVC & MIDPOINT Development Award will be announced during the prestigious WEMW Award Ceremony on January 23, 2024.

Meet Our Distinguished Jury
The selection process for this prestigious award is overseen by:
Anamaria Antoci (Tangaj Production, Romania)
Una Gunjak (Director, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Bernd Buder (FilmFestival Cottbus, Germany)

✺ Meet the Contenders
Curious about who might win this award? Here are the participating projects of this year's MIDPOINT Shorts program:

LITTLE HOUSE (Slovenia, Croatia) 
Writer/Director: Nika Jurman
Producer: Katja Lenarcic
Writer/Director: Jozo Schmuch
Producer: Ana Vidovic 
TOKOS (Portugal)

Writer/Director: Ary Zara
Producer: Andreia Nunes
UNAVAILABLE (Ukraine, France)
Writer/Director: Kyrylo Zemlyanyi
Producer: Inna Lastochkina

Part of the MIDPOINT Shorts program this year is also the project GONE (Czech Republic), by writer and director Piotr Jasinski and producer Ester Valtrova.
This project was selected thanks to the collaboration with Cannes Court Métrage and is already in the post-production stage.

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On Christmas Eve, Tomi, a trans man and Larissa, a trans woman, while preparing for dinner at Tomi’s mom start a conversation about having a baby. Thinking he might be pregnant, Larissa hopes he'll ...
MIDPOINT participants: Ary Zara, Andreia Nunes, Ary Zara
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Second Law of Thermodynamics

Egon and Marko are two architechts hiding their relationship from everyone in their office, due to Markos position as son of the owner who’s expected to inherit the firm from his father. When Markos ...
MIDPOINT participants: Jozo Schmuch, Ana Vidovic, Jozo Schmuch
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Little House

Tatjana (40) lives with her parents in the village. She spends much of her time on Pinterest, dreaming of having her own house that she can't afford. She starts her day working as a manicurist in a ...
MIDPOINT participants: Nika Jurman, Katja Lenarcic, Nika Jurman
Project detail


Since the beginning of the full-scale war, 18-year-old Serhii lives in the evacuation zone at the West of Ukraine while his mother decided to stay in their occupied hometown to take care of Serhii's ...
Project detail


Jindra (40) is supposed to spend New Year’s Eve with his daughter - Bara (15). The atmosphere between them is tense. Bara blames the father for the divorce of her parents. Right after arriving at ...
MIDPOINT participants: Piotr Jasinski, Ester Valtrova, Piotr Jasinski
Project detail


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