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As our alumni confirm, our programs played an important role in their journey to make their own film or serie. See the selection of successful project that graduated from MIDPOINT Institute.

Erasing Frank

Eltörölni Frankot

1983. Frank, an angry kid from the streets with "no future". The state banned their music because their words are political. Frank escapes to a psychiatric ward where Hanna, a young enemy of the system, joins him.

Status: realised
MIDPOINT participants involved: Gabor Fabricius, Miklos Havas
Genre: Drama
Premiere: Venice International Film Critics' Week, September 5, 2021
Awards: Verona Film Club Award


Dark and haunting psychological drama about the collision of modern day faith healers and post-war trauma of survivors in Kosovo.

Status: realised
MIDPOINT participants involved: Casey Cooper Johnson, Antoneta Kastrati
Genre: Drama, mystery, thriller
Premiere: Toronto IFF, September 7, 2019


After his mother's death, teenager Juri and his father relocate to a rundown housing complex - but there is more here than meets the eye.

Status: realised
MIDPOINT participants involved: Till Kleinert, Anna Stoeva
Genre: Horror/mystery serie
Premiere: Sky Atlantic, October 29, 2020


The ER doctor, Kristin, in the wake of her divorce moves to her home village with her teenage daughter. Completely out of her comfort zone as she deals with her old lover and her psychic mother, forcing her to face the ghosts of her past.

Status: realised
Genre: Medical drama series


Kyiv, 2020. Natasha has created Babyland, a luxury hotel where fertile women give birth for infertile couples. When a tragic event from Natasha’s past comes back to haunt her, Babyland’s future is threatened and Natasha’s soul is at stake.

Status: in development
MIDPOINT participants involved: Martichka Bozhilova, Dianne Jones, Simona Nobile

Open Door

Rudina sets off on a long journey with her unmarried pregnant sister, Elma, to meet their strict, traditional father in the Albanian village where they were born. As Rudina’s car makes its way across the mountains, Elma comes up with a plan to enlist an ex-classmate to play the part of her husband.

Status: realised
MIDPOINT participants involved: Florenc Papas
Genre: Road movie
Premiere: Sarajevo IFF, August 19, 2019



A father and a son from Crimean Tatar family transport the body of deceased older son and brother from Kyiv to bury him in Crimea.

Status: realised
MIDPOINT participants involved: Nariman Aliev, Marysia Nikitiuk, Vladimir Yatsenko
Genre: Drama
Premiere: Cannes IFF, May 22, 2019


Indre and Paulius travel to the small town where a gruesome crime was committed and they learn it is not as easy as expected to revisit the past.

Status: realised
MIDPOINT participants involved: Laurynas Bareisa, Klementina Remeikaite
Genre: Drama
Premiere: Venice IFF, September 8, 2021


Boris Robič is, as we like to say, an ordinary man. One evening he gets brutally attacked at his home. The police arrives, and open the investigation.There are no suspects, and it seems that no one could possibly be interested in shooting Boris. The police eventually suspend the investigation, convinced that the shooting was a mere coincidence. Riddled with doubt, he starts investigating on his own. While searching for the potential perpetrators, we follow a tragicomic path of a man who discovers that more people hate him than he would ever have thought possible and that the perceptions that he has of his own life are nothing but illusions.

MIDPOINT participants involved: Vlado Bulajic, Darko Sinko
Genre: Drama
Premiere: San Sebastian IFF, September 20, 2021

Cook F**k Kill

Žáby bez jazyka

Jaroslav, a handsome and seemingly good-natured son, father and a decent husband, is, as a matter of fact, pathologically jealous of his wife Blanka. He is very much afraid that one day she would leave him together with their three children. Jaroslav and his family don´t hesitate to employ violence, deceit and terror against others, which ultimately leads to a family tragedy.

Status: realised
MIDPOINT participants involved: Mira Fornay
Genre: Drama
Premiere: Tallinn Black Nights FF 2019

History of Love

Zgodovina ljubezni

Seventeen-year-old Iva is in the process of coming to terms with the death of her mother. Influenced by this deep personal loss and by the discovery that she didn’t know everything about her mom, the girl slowly immerses herself into a strange, almost dreamlike world far from reality.

Status: realised
MIDPOINT participants involved: Mitja Licen, Sonja Prosenc, Rok Secen
Genre: Drama
Premiere: Karlovy Vary IFF, June 30, 2018

Magic Moments

Parents struggle to earn money, so sisters basically take care of each other alone.

-Why do we walk on the grass?

-So that we step into dogshit and are lucky.

Thanks to the bond they have, they might have already won over life´s shit.

Status: realised
MIDPOINT participants involved: Martina Buchelova, Erika Paulinska
Premiere: 2016

Atlantis, 2003

2003, four years before Slovakia entered the Schengen Area. Martin and Denisija, a young couple from Ukraine, are trying to get illegaly to Germany through Slovakia, like many people before them. The border between Slovakia and Ukraine will be in a couple of years one of the most secured borders in Europe, but in 2003 it is still open for smugglers and for people hoping to find a new life in Western Europe. Martin and Denisija both dream about getting to Germany, a place they’ve never been to, both ready to sacrifice everything they have to reach this destination.

Status: realised
MIDPOINT participants involved: Michal Blasko, Jakub Brychta
Premiere: Cannes IFF, Cinéfondation Official Selection 2017


A film about the complicated friendship of three adolescent girls, two swimming pools, and one malicious act of revenge.

Status: realised
MIDPOINT participants involved: Lucia Kajankova
Premiere: Pragueshorts FF 2021


Aging mobster Dragan struggles to adapt to the new times by fighting teenage-hot-shots on the rise – realizing that his son is becoming the very face of this emerging “turbo-generation”.


Status: in development
Genre: High-end crime drama

Lost in Paradise

Ztraceni v ráji

Eugene could have gone down the safe path, studied dentistry in Bern, and taken over his father's practice. Instead, he decided to explore his native country, fulfil his dream, and go to Prague to open a music club. But man proposes and God disposes - Eugene suddenly finds himself back on the road to Switzerland, while in his head, he recapitulates the mistakes he made. A tragi-comic mosaic about remorse, the differing values of two cultures, and the hope for reconciliation.


Status: realised
MIDPOINT participants involved: Kristyna Michalek Kvetova, Fiona Ziegler
Genre: Road movie
Premiere: 2021

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