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Tomas Vach

Profession: ProducerProducerProducer
Country: Czech Republic
Tomas was born in Prague and after studying International Affairs he is since 2006 a student of Film Production at FAMU in Prague and received a Bachelor degree in Film Production in 2009. He already attended film workshops to receive practical training like the Young Professionals Programme of the Go East Festival Wiesbaden in 2009 or the Script 2 Film Workshop in 2011. He is as well a scholar of the Nipkow Programme 2011 in Berlin. He acted already on several productions as a producer like the multi-awarded “Did Michael Knight end the Cold war?”, “Fish´n´pills” or “Francis K”. Besides that he also worked as production manager on a number of films like “Andula – Besuch in einem anderen Leben”, “21 Mluvčích Charty 77” or “Second act”. His works were exhibited at Art festivals and he worked for commercials like “Skoda Octavia”, “Starbucks Korea” or “HTC”. He is a fluent German speaker.
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