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Aung Min

Profession: WriterWriterWriter
Country: Myanmar [Burma]
Born in 1964. Graduated from University of Medicine (1), Yangon ,Myanmar. Having more keen interest in art of writing rather than doing art of medicine. He has been writing short stories; The Bad Night (short novel in 1999), I have been to this Small Town as on the Line of Duty (short novel in 2003), The half-told Diary (Essays in 2004) in some of monthly issued Magazines. Since aftermath experiences he learned from the Film Workshops which were provided by FAMU and YFS in 2006, he started creative writing for short film scripts. One of his main ideologies is about the thing of Death, the most influential key of an existing life and he assumed that the powerful stories happened really when Death comes true. Most of his written works were highly related to the thing about Death in some way. The Monk is his first feature film screenplay, developed in Midpoint workshop. He got earning from his own clinic in suburban North Dagon township of Yangon city in Myanmar. He writes his stories in free time. He lives with his family; his wife and two sons.
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