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Midnight Yangon

Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2015

The Sule pagoda is lit bright in mercury light but the streets of Yangon are deeply dark. The sex worker ‘Cherry’, 20, born fatherless is sick because of her fatherless pregnancy. Her mother ‘Hnin Si’, 45, is out of date to continue as an appealing sex worker and she becomes a waitress of the local liquor shop. The local police in charge ‘ Aung Naing’46, in civil suit is finding some extra income during his duty time. The ex- politician Aye Min is lonely, depressed and an alcohol addict. At early night of Yangon, Hnin Si knows about her daughter ‘Cherry’ is pregnant. The local police in charge ‘ Aung Naing’s wife has left the house to escape the duty of caring for the chronically ill father – in – law. Ko Ye, the son of the deceased political leader ‘ Myint Than’ ( Myint Than is betrayed by Aye Min) comes and sees ‘ Aye Min’ to seek the help. 

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