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Dr. Oo was a 30-year-old psychiatrist. She was told that her father was a military officer but she, however, had never met him Her mother took her own life not long after she became a medical doctor at the age of 24. Life then was hard for her as she had to struggle on her own and eventually became a psychiatrist. When she turned 28, she married and had a child.While she was working in Yangon Psychiatric Hospital, she fell out with the director of the hospital and some of the Specialists, and as a result, she was transferred to a hospital on an island in the farthest south of Myanmar. The fact that she now had to work in a small town. She had hoped to try hypnotherapy—which she had been studying secretly. She had also hoped to bring her family there. The main livelihood of people living on this island was fishing, and the small town was very beautiful. General Sein, the commander of the region, ruled the town like a king and he was the biggest shareholder of local businesses.The director, named Dr. Win Aung, administered the hospital like a dictator also had some shares in the same business as the general, and Dr. Oo had some arguments with him. The director also liked to give electro-convulsive therapy to the patients. (excerpt)
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