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Images of Love

Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2017

Hana and Peter have created the world they longed for. They are young, successful and people envy them. They have built a successful company that shall soon provide them for the rest of their lives. Their AR concept, named ”Kimon”, will help everyone to freely consume life without making unnecessary decisions. Yet somewhere along the way, they got “lost”. Deep inside, they keep the images and memories of something beautiful that holds them hostage nevertheless – denying them the chance to live and progress with their lives. They are unable to tell what they really need in their life. No one is willing to make the move the other half would anticipate. Facing a relationship crisis, they decide to open up their marriage. They are allowed to do whatever they please, on the condition of being honest to one another. They define a new set of rules that on the outside seems like the pure freedom, but internally are slowly destroying them.

They pretend to live by the new rules and use scripted honesty as their shield. They tell each other everything, yet they hide behind the talks. The relationship that used to be so pure now turns into a power struggle and into an effort to create the best image of their imaginary selves.

Then comes a moment when they are both tired with the struggle. They cannot pretend any further that this is a viable way to go. Their own image falls apart, only its reflection remains, its presentation through romantic selfies on social networks. Their true life is so far away from its image that they cannot say where the reality ends and the lies begin.

Instinctively, they feel that their last refuge is the place where they took a wrong turn many years ago. They refused life and put success above it. So, symbolically, they go back to the beginning, which, in turn, gives them hope, redeemed in (imaginary) losses. All that they filled their lives with suddenly disappears. They remain on their own.

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