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Milica Zivanovic

Profession: Writer
Country: Serbia
Milica Živanović graduated the MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018, where she worked on her ongoing gangster-series TURBO. She was selected for Series Mania Co-production Forum 2020 – her creator-debut. Currently she is one of 12 participants in the prestigious DFFB Serial Eyes program 19/20, developing series-projects with both hooks for national markets as well as international projects with pan-European appeal. Milica is a Berlin-based writer & creator, fluent in German and English, however she keeps the writing to English. Beside TV-shows, she also works on feature scripts with German production company TV60 and Belgrade-based Sense Production. Her projects are often inspired and based on real life stories and events.
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Belgrade, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zurich - 1991. While ‘Yugo-gangs’ are raiding Western countries, loads of guns from the looming civil-wars are flooding the streets of Belgrade, finding their way ...
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