Now reading: MIDPOINT Feature Launch Participants Shine at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival


MIDPOINT Feature Launch Participants Shine at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

We are delighted to announce and celebrate the remarkable achievements of this year's MIDPOINT Feature Launch and KVIFF Eastern Promises awards winners. 

These talented filmmakers, all participants in the MIDPOINT Feature Launch program, were recognized for their exceptional creativity, dedication, and passion for filmmaking at yesterday's KVIFF Eastern Promises Award Ceremony!

July 03, 2024 success stories

Eurimages Co-production Development Award (20,000 EUR)

🏆 Rozalie Kohoutova and Martina Knoblochova
Project: "Antonie
Production Company: Punk Film 

The jury consisting of creative and strategic consultant Paolo Ciccarelli, producer Claudia Bluemhuber, and Ilinka Teodorescu (international relations representative at the Romanian Film Centre) stated:
The Eurimages Co-Production Development Award goes to a project that challenges conventional ideas about parenthood with humour and heart and motivates us to rethink societal norms. We are proud to support a rising female director with a unique vision, as she embarks on a promising career in the industry, aspiring to reach an international audience.

Feature Launch Awards:

KVIFF & MIDPOINT Development Award (10,000 EUR)
🏆 David Csicskar and Balasz Zachar
Project: "Klara is Here"
Production Company: Proton Cinema

The jury consisting of writer and director Christina Tynkevych, producer Danijel Hocevar, and festival programmer Arnaud Gourmelen stated:
We were impressed by the level of the projects that were presented to us, and we are thankful to all teams for sharing them. We would like to award a project that explores the poignant story of a man's quest for happiness amidst the heartbreaking reality, capturing the tragedy of letting go of love and the bravery to start over at any age.“

Rotterdam Lab Award
Martina Knoblochova
Project: "Antonie"
Production Company: Punk Film

Head of IFFR Pro Alessia Acone stated: "The team has shown a solid vision for a project that aims to break down decades-old prejudices about social belonging and modern parenthood. The producer will certainly benefit from sharing practices with an international group of fellows, and we want to encourage her to work with the director to bring this modern story to life."

Connecting Cottbus Award
🏆 Petr Pylypcuk and Krystof Burda
Project: "Eli and Them"
Production Company: Perfilm

Connecting Cottbus director Marjorie Bendeck and programme manager Katharina Stumm stated: „A complex coming-of-age story as well as a quietly bold portrait of a rural village undercut by racial tension, we would like to invite the team of ELI AND THEM to this year‘s edition of connecting cottbus.“

Marche du Film Producers Network Award

🏆 Patryk Sielecki
Project: "Anxiety of the Heart"
Production Company: Lumisenta

These awards underscore the exceptional talent nurtured through the MIDPOINT Feature Launch program! Congratulations to all the winners and their production teams for their outstanding accomplishments.

Huge thanks to our program and award partners from Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Rotterdam Lab and connecting cottbus!  

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