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Krystof Burda

Profession: Producer
Country: Czech Republic

Producer, graduate of the FAMU Department of Production. He entered the film industry through the executive production sector. Kryštof has worked with many Prague production companies and has participated in various positions in the production of feature films, television projects and commercials, as well as having worked as a post-production supervisor on the award-winning films Brutal Heat by Albert Hospodářský (KVIFF 2023) and You Will Never See It All by Štěpán Pech (Jihlava IDFF 2023). Outside of his production work, he serves as an executive producer and talent agent at Mingle, a company representing a diverse selection of accomplished editors. He has been collaborating with author Petr Pylypčuk for a long time and is the producer of his latest short film Eighth Day under the Perfilm banner.

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