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Eli and Them

Original title: Eli a oni
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2024
Country: Czech Republic

17-year-old and nonbinary Eli comes to stay with her older sister Karo for the summer holidays. Eli, who has plans to go to film school, is filming everything around her on her camera as she starts living at the rural farm that Karo shares with her orthodox husband Michael. When Michael ends up unable to walk after breaking his leg during an amateur football match, he hires Adam, a handsome but bigoted young villager, to start working on the farm instead of him. As time goes on, Adam begins to spend more time on the farm and Eli grows closer to him. Eli also meets small-time drug dealer Mariana, a Romani girl the same age as her. Eli starts spending her nights with Mariana and her younger brother Dante and gets to see the village through their eyes, while Mariana develops feelings for her. Eli slowly gets caught up in the middle of a complex conflict, leading to unfortunate consequences.

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