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Martina Knoblochova

Profession: Producer
Country: Czech Republic

Martina graduated from the production department at FAMU. She has been involved in the production of numerous documentary and feature films, including The Way Out (2014) directed by Petr Václav, which won several awards including the Czech Lion and the Czech Film Critics' Award and documentaries FC Roma (2016) and Off Sides (2019) directed by Rozálie Kohoutová and Tomáš Bojar.

In addition to film production, she has also worked for the Czech Film Center, the French Film Festival, and for several years she was involved in the multicultural center MeetFactory in Prague.

For the past six years, she has been a part of the film production company Punk Film. Together with the producer Martin Hůlovec, she produced a feature-length documentary My Father Antonín Kratochvíl and with the producer Ondřej Beránek the feature film The Last Race. Besides the development of feature film Antonie, with Rozálie Kohoutová, they are also preparing another movie You Never Just Walk Away addressing the issue of domestic violence. Additionally, she is developing online series G.O.A.T. for Czech Television.

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