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Original title: Antonie
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2024
Country: Czech Republic, Slovakia, France

When Anton, an eternal slacker, gets fired from his job at the supermaket, Soňa decides to work in France as a pole dancer and earn money for the family. In a society where men don't usually take paternity leave, Anton becomes a subject of ridicule and they’re calling Soňa a “tart on a pole”. However, Anton emerges as an incredible father. In taking care of Antonie, he finds the motivation he's always lacked in life. He gets back on his feet by dealing weed to mothers on maternity leave. Their idyllic life is shattered when Anton's drunk stepfather cruelly alleges that Antonie isn't his. Although Anton doesn't believe it, the seed of doubt is planted. It is only when faced with a great tragedy that Anton realizes how petty his doubts are.

Even though the future of Soňa and Anton‘s relationship remains uncertain, Anton undergoes significant personal growth throughout the film.

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