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Balazs Zachar

Profession: ProducerProducer
Country: Hungary
Balázs Zachar was born in 1973. He graduated in history and communications in Budapest in 1998, and got law degree in 1999. From 2003 he was working for the Hungarian Ministry of Culture where he coordinated the preparation of the film law. From 2011 he was the head of legal and EU affairs at the Hungarian Film Fund where he got hands-on experience in film financing and the operation of film funds. In 2016 he was joined Pioneer Stillking Films, as head of business affairs, he was also co-producer of the company’s own feature film BUDAPEST NOIR (2017). From 2018 he works on several projects with Proton Cinema. He produced short films, among which BREAK (dir: Levente Kölcsey) was premiered in Locarno in 2020, the same year he completed his first feature as producer, called WILD ROOTS, directed by Hajni Kis. He is a graduate of EAVE Producers’ Workshop of 2018.
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