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Original title: Elefánt
Participated in: MIDPOINT TV Launch 2021

Anna dedicates her life for her perfect family. She keeps everything under control and in return she provides a convenient life for her husband and their three kids. However Anna is a functioning alcoholic who secretly sips the bottle every day. The balance of the family life is shaken overnight when Anna causes a car accident that almost kills her loved ones. Police checkup shows that Anna was drunk, but most of the family members insist on her innocence and try to trivialize the problem. It’s only their adolescent daughter, Sonja who speaks up and says it’s time to stop living in denial: Mom is an alcoholic. Anna decides to quit drinking and the family helps her out in the housework. Everyone hates their new role though, that flips over their peaceful life. In addition, Anna becomes a different person without alcohol: charmless, nonchalant and inefficient. The family slowly sinks into chaos. They miss their high functioning mother, even an alcoholic one, so they want their old life back. Except Anna. First time in her life she dares put her own happiness before others’. It is going to be her ‘perfect’ family who pays the price of sobering up.

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