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Original title: Néma átmenet
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2019

It is the 1989/1990 school year, that unique time when the Iron Curtain has fallen, but the wind of the new world is yet only gently fluttering the country’s flag.The nation waits for its first free elections, Sári’s parents among them.For Sári (13), however, this year holds much more important things.She’s in a new school and she lies.She tells that she’s been living abroad, in a country plagued by war, and her brother died in a bombing.Kristóf, a repulsive, pimply boy is attracted to Sári.He has no means to express his attraction; all he feels is anger. He starts following her and attacks her brutally at school.By now, everybody knows that Sári lied, and this is a signal that she is vulnerable.At first, she is only verbally abused, but Kristóf leads the others into physical abuse too.When she is forced up against the blackboard they break her arm.Sári decides there is no other way out than to give in to Kristóf.The first free elections have concluded.And Sári has lost her virginity.

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