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Michal Edelman

Profession: Director
Country: Poland

Michał Edelman was born in Łódź, but was raised in the suburbs of Warsaw. After completing an international high school, he attended the Interdisciplinary Humanities Studies at the University of Warsaw, where he explored his interests in culture. He is currently finishing his studies at the Łódź Film School in the directing department. Growing up around film sets, he developed a sincere fascination and love for cinema, which continues to grow over time. Before film school, he had the opportunity to assist such creators as Andrzej Wajda and Władysław Pasikowski. During his studies, he worked as a 1stAD on over twenty music videos, commercials, and films. In 2020, he made his full-length documentary debut with The Last Knights of the Right Side, which had its international premiere at the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival and its Polish premiere at the Krakow Film Festival. He is currently completing his diploma film at film school and a short documentary film.

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