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Meet the Series Launch 2024 Generation!

We are thrilled to announce the nine series projects and three development executive participants that have been selected for the MIDPOINT Series Launch.

February 27, 2024

Allow us to introduce you to the nine projects and the participants who will be presented at the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event in November 2024:

As If Nothing Had Happened (Romania)
Eva Todica, writer
Ioana Bogdana, writer

Black Winds (Israel)
Daniel Imaran, writer 
Oz Zirlin, writer, director, producer

Bloody Dunes (Lithuania)
Andrius Lekavicius, writer, co-director
Irma Puzauskaite, director
Greta Akcijonaite, producer

Hotel Love (Hungary)
Gyorgy Barathy, writer

Mild Miracles (Croatia)
Rene Gallo, writer
Danijel Pek, producer

Tremor (Romania)
Tudor Ganea, writer
Iulia Weiss, producer

The Art of Magdalene (Poland, Ireland)
Wiktor Piatkowski, writer, producer
Jonathan Farrelly, writer, director, producer

The Guide (Ukraine, Czech Republic)
Oksana Artemenko, writer
Svitlana Soloviova, producer

The Club (Georgia)
George Varsimashvili, writer, director
Rusudan Chkonia, writer, director, producer

Writers, directors, and producers are about to embark on the intensive development process and meet international markets and decision-makers.

Three development executive participants will accompany the selected projects on their nine-month journey while enhancing their skills:

Petra Strasek, Slovenia
Frederik Ehrhardt, Germany
Eva Pjajcikova, Czech Republic

The program welcomes back series programs Head of Studies Gabor Krigler (Hungary), who will act as a group leader alongside Tatjana Samopjan (Sweden) and Steve Matthews (United Kingdom).

We are very excited to welcome aboard a new Development Executive Mentor, Ukrainian creative Sasha Vyshnevska, who serves as a Development Executive at Gingers Media (part of the Organization of Ukrainian Producers created in March 2022 with the mandate of sharing stories about the war in Ukraine and providing a much-needed lifeline to Ukrainian audio-visual workers).

The Series Launch program will commence with online preparatory workshops (March 4-8, 2024), followed by all creative teams and DE participants meeting in person for two residential workshops in the Czech Republic (March 10 – 17 and June 9-16).

The program will conclude in November with a third residential workshop within the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, featuring the presentation platform Season Finale.

Congratulations to all selected projects and participants!
Welcome aboard!

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As If Nothing Had Happened

Cristina, working-class and aspiring writer, and Nana, communist elite and aspiring actress, are best friends in their final year of high school in the early 80s Romania. They fall in love, but ...
MIDPOINT participants: Eva Todica, Ioana Bogdana
Project detail

Bloody Dunes

When a group of friends decides to skip their prom after-party and spend the weekend on the mystical Curonian Spit, they stumble upon a Russian organ trafficking network operating on the border ...
Project detail

Black Winds

ADAM (30) a young and promising Israeli-Ethiopian, returns to his home town after years of studying away. A celebratory night with his friends ends up with a clash between Adam, his best friend ...
MIDPOINT participants: Oz Zirlin, Oz Zirlin, Oz Zirlin, Daniel Imaran
Project detail


A group of young men and women gather in the club, where they escape from the conservative society. This is a place, where everyone enjoys their time, but some people start to abuse the given ...
Project detail

The Guide

Ukraine. In a busy hospital, a mysterious case emerges: a baby without a soul puzzles everyone. Zhenia, a lovesick med student, takes a morgue job to be able to ask out on a date Rita. But a tragic ...
MIDPOINT participants: Svitlana Soloviova, Oksana Artemenko
Project detail


Mara, a young female architect stumbles upon remarkably preserved buildings in the heart of Bucharest. Her curiosity deepens when she suspects something links these structures to the mysterious ...
MIDPOINT participants: Iulia Weiss, Tudor Ganea
Project detail

Hotel Love

Step into the seductively analog world of Hotel Love. We are in the early 70s and a young woman named Alice is about to date a mysterious man... who turns out to be Leonard Cohen... who turns out to ...
MIDPOINT participants: Gyorgy Barathy
Project detail

Mild Miracles

Every second there are thousands of prayers sent to Go. He’s got no time to answer all of them so he has his “emissaries” all around the world to attend those prayers. Every prayer sent to God is a ...
MIDPOINT participants: Danijel Pek, Rene Gallo
Project detail

The Art of Magdalene

In 2022 a Polish middle-aged woman and her son were arrested in Spain on charges of fraud, embezzlement of over 300m EUR and money laundering. An international manhunt succeeded thanks to a lead ...
Project detail

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