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Gyorgy Barathy

Profession: Writer
Country: Hungary

György is a Hungarian writer based in Berlin. He was a story addict from an early age, so he luckily ended up at the University of Theater and Film Arts of Budapest. Since 2011 he’s worked for HBO Europe (three seasons of the Hungarian adaptation of the global phenomenon drama ’In Treatment’ and one season of ’When Shall We Kiss’ and has developed a still unproduced original tv dramedy for HBO: ’Veneer’. His short film ’Youniverse’ premiered on HBOMax in 2020. In theatre, he’s been a dramaturg, playwright, and translator. He moved to Berlin, Germany in 2022 to be part of DFFB’s Serial Eyes program 2022/2023. György is currently working on two TV projects: he’s the head writer of a political thriller ’Salvation’ for Proton Cinema Budapest and a quirky comedy series ’Over the Rainbow’ for Odeon Films Munich-Berlin. He’s also developed a queer history show called ’Home’ (Serial Eyes, Serien Camp, Sundance Virtual Lab) – which is a real love project for him.

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