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Hotel Love

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2024
Country: Germany, Hungary

1973, West Berlin, Hotel Adlon. A young woman has a secret rendezvous with Leonard Cohen - but the romance turns into an existential nightmare, and to get out of it, they must find out who they are.

Step into the seductively analog world of Hotel Love. We are in the early 70s and a young woman named Alice is about to date a mysterious man... who turns out to be Leonard Cohen... who turns out to be his avatar to be exact. However, Alice is also not a young girl in her 70s, but a middle-aged divorcee in 2023. The moment she wants to get out of this place, Alice has to face the fact that what started as a fantasy has become a threat. Paired with the enigmatic and clueless singer, she must navigate the labyrinth of illusions to break free.

As the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur within the virtual love hotel, Alice and Leonard form an unlikely alliance. Racing against time, they uncover glitches and anomalies in the virtual world. In this surreal landscape, they confront personal demons, challenging the essence of their identities. Can a quintessential macho forge a genuine connection, and can a seriously disillusioned woman rediscover the joy and desire within herself? 

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