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As If Nothing Had Happened

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2024
Country: Romania

Cristina and Nana, best friends of opposing social backgrounds, lead an illegal and bordering incestuous love story in the final decade of Communist Romania.

Cristina, working-class and aspiring writer, and Nana, communist elite and aspiring actress, are best friends in their final year of high school in the early 80s Romania. They fall in love, but being gay is illegal and taboo. Afraid of the consequences, Nana moves to the capital and starts a new life there. But Cristina marries Nana’s brother, Radu, in order to stay close to her lover. Throughout the final decade of Romanian communism, the two women come of age, in a system where being yourself is a crime. In this jungle of taboos and suspicion, they struggle to survive and resist it, living a fulfilling life of parties, sex, and illegal rock ‘n roll. Will they prevail in a system that forbids them from expressing themselves?

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