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Rene Gallo

Profession: Writer
Country: Croatia

Screenwriter and director, based in Zagreb, Croatia. His first short film “Kiddo” premiered at the Mediterranean Film Festival Split in 2022 followed by Cottbus Film Festival. For most of his film career, he worked as an AD on advertising and film projects, with directors like Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović, Rok Biček and Gabriele Salvatores. He is Palunko Screenwriting School and Sarajevo Talent Campus alumni where he participated with short film script “Pramenka” in 2022. He co-wrote drama series “The Highland” that premiered at Sarajevo Film Festival and is currently broadcasting at Croatian Television. Also, in 2023 he directed the third season of documentary culinary shot „Sweet Chef“. In 2023. He won Best Scripted Series award at NEM Zagreb 2023 for his project “Mild Miracles”.

Currently, he is preparing short film “Pramenka” for production in 2024, develops TV series “Mild Miracles” and his debut feature film.

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