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The Art of Magdalene

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2024
Country: Poland, Ireland, Spain

A hard-working and religious immigrant is fed up with being used and humiliated. She builds an international art dealing empire based on ignorance, superficiality and greed of rich people.

In 2022 a Polish middle-aged woman and her son were arrested in Spain on charges of fraud, embezzlement of over 300m EUR and money laundering. An international manhunt succeeded thanks to a lead from a… WhatsApp prayer group. Our story is inspired by those true events.

Magda is just one of 100.000 Polish immigrants in Ireland. She has the same routine every day – first job, second job, taking care of her younger brother and ill mother. Her life is just hard work and humiliation with a bit of art. She’s always wanted to be an artist but she wasn’t talented enough. When one day she accidently sells a worthless painting to a rich guy she realizes she can take advantage of ignorance and greed of wealthy people. From now on Magda presents herself as a top art dealer specializing in Central and Easter European upcoming art. Soon, she opens “art boutiques” in Dublin, London, Paris, NYC and Dubai. The only thing is… there is really no art at all. Her empire is just a smart financial pyramid.

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