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Bloody Dunes

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2024
Country: Lithuania

The traces of the missing prom queen lead her friends to the border of Kaliningrad and the signs of the organ trafficking network but the lost girl is not the one who needs saving.

When a group of friends decides to skip their prom after-party and spend the weekend on the mystical Curonian Spit, they stumble upon a Russian organ trafficking network operating on the border between Lithuania and Kaliningrad. As they uncover the truth and search for their missing friend, they realize that their own lies and secrets may be their downfall. In a race against time, they must confront their pasts, trust each other, and fight to survive in the deadly game of Bloody Dunes. This anthology crime thriller and teen drama explores the dark underbelly of social media and asks how much someone would sacrifice for their best friend.

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