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Tudor Ganea

Profession: Writer
Country: Romania

Tudor Ganea was born in 1983 in Bucharest and he is an architect. He received the "Young prose writer of 2016" award, the Cultural Observer magazine's debut award for his novel “Cazemata”. In 2021 he published the novel, "Song of the beach bird" (Polirom), nominated for the Awards Radio Romania Cultural and the Cultural Observer magazine's Awards. Tudor Ganea has written his first screenplay which is based on his last novel that depicts some of the raw and unique experiences he had in his childhood and youth in Constanța during the 1990s. The film will be shot in 2025 and it is produced by Axel Film.

In 2023 he started to develop miniseries projects and one of them is TREMOR, a project based on his experience as an expert in the Building Consolidation Administration of Bucharest.

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