Now reading: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2024 Selection Unveiled!


MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2024 Selection Unveiled!

We are thrilled to announce the 9 new feature film projects and introduce the 3 script consultant trainees selected for MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2024, our premier feature-length film program tailored for filmmakers working on their debuts or second films. 

February 13, 2024 programs

Writers, producers, and directors chosen for the Feature Launch will undergo comprehensive script and project development training commencing in March 2024. Additionally, three script consultant trainees will accompany them on their transformative journey.

Guiding the participants through this experience are group leaders Anne Gensior, Ivo Trajkov, and Pavel Jech, alongside script consultant trainee mentor Gyula Gazdag. Producers will receive guidance from mentor Danijel Hocevar and many guest tutors. Furthermore, various lecturers and industry experts will join us to enrich the program.


Antonie / Czech Republic 
Rozalie Kohoutova, writer, director
Martina Knoblochova, producer

Clearing Clouds / Hungary              
Dávid Csicskar, writer, director
Balazs Zachar, producer

PUSHBACK / Croatia 
Bojan  Radanovic, writer, director
Sabina Kresic, producer              

Eli and Them / Czech Republic 
Petr Pylypčuk,  writer, director 
Krystof Burda, producer

GRAMMATIK / Germany            
Popo Fan, writer, director
Julia Collen, producer

The Art of Biting Your Tongue / Latvia   
Ieva Norvele, director
Eszter Horvath, writer
Aija Berzina, producer            

Horses / Slovenia              
Jernej Kastelec writer, director
Ida Weiss, producer

You Don't Know Me / Poland 
Karol Marczak, writer
Michal Edelman, director 
Patryk Sielecki, producer

Sunbruise / Greece
Stavros Markoulakis, director
Ioanna Bolomyti, producer

Daniela Colle / Germany 
Nikola Kupresanin / Croatia 
Marie-Gabrielle Peaucelle / France 

The program commences online on March 25 with a two-day Online Preparatory Seminar for Script Consultant Trainees. This is followed by a residential workshop in Brno, Czech Republic (March 3-10), and subsequent online workshops from May 6 to May 10.

The third residential workshop in Prague (June 2024) will be immediately succeeded by the Works in Development - Feature Launch project showcase at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in July 2024.

The prestigious KVIFF & MIDPOINT Development Award, offering 10,000 EUR to the best project, will be conferred during the Eastern Promises Industry Days of the Karlovy Vary IFF. 

Moreover, Feature Launch 2024 projects are eligible to compete for the Eurimages Co-production Development Award, providing 20,000 EUR for one of the projects presented within KVIFF Eastern Promises Industry Days.

The program's trajectory will continue with another online workshop in October 2024, focusing on marketing and distribution strategies.

Selected producers will also receive invitations to Thessaloniki in November 2024 for the specialized Company Time follow-up workshop. This collaborative effort with the Thessaloniki International Film Festival held within its industry section Agora, is designed and co-organized with our partner EAVE to provide support in company sustainability and strategic business planning.

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When Anton, an eternal slacker, gets fired from his job at the supermaket, Soňa decides to work in France as a pole dancer and earn money for the family. In a society where men don't usually take ...
Project detail

Clearing clouds

Klára and Peter have been married for fifty years. Klára has been suffering from dementia for years, and Peter takes care of her with devotion and love. As Peter's fatigue from the constant care ...
MIDPOINT participants: David Csicskar, David Csicskar, Balazs Zachar
Project detail


DARIA (37) is a lawyer representing a refugee family from Syria, whose daughter FERIDA (6), by mistake of the Croatian police, died in a train crash on the border between Croatia and Serbia. In ...
MIDPOINT participants: Bojan Radanovic, Bojan Radanovic, Sabina Kresic
Project detail

Eli and Them

17-year-old and nonbinary Eli comes to stay with her older sister Karo for the summer holidays. Eli, who has plans to go to film school, is filming everything around her on her camera as she starts ...
MIDPOINT participants: Petr Pylypcuk, Petr Pylypcuk, Krystof Burda
Project detail


Handsome Chinese artist QING (25) has been fooling around Hamburg for two years on a language student visa. Due to his poor academic performance, he is about to be deported by the German ...
MIDPOINT participants: Popo Fan, Julia Collen, Popo Fan
Project detail

The Art of Biting Your Tongue

When Ruta (31), an Amsterdam-based Latvian movement artist, is invited to collaborate with her former folk dance instructor, Andra (75), long-buried hurts resurface. Entering into a partnership with ...
MIDPOINT participants: Eszter Horvath, Ieva Norvele, Aija Berzina
Project detail


While Miro (37) is serving a prison sentence, which he hides from his two children David (13) and Mija (8), his relationship with his partner Renata (35) falls apart, and his father dies without ...
MIDPOINT participants: Jernej Kastelec, Jernej Kastelec, Ida Weiss
Project detail


An eighteen-year-old boy in a small village in Crete, George, enjoys his last careless days with his girlfriend, Katerina, whilst preparing for the start of his compulsory military service. His pet, ...
Project detail

You Don't Know Me

A wild-at-heart rebel, TYMEK (17), struggles with his inner demons. His way of coping with cold family and elitist school is lies, trickery, wittiness; he created a whole persona to survive. But ...
MIDPOINT participants: Patryk Sielecki, Michal Edelman, Karol Marczak
Project detail

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