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Original title: Grammatik

QING (25) moved from China to Germany because of his obsession with German DJ JONAS (35), to enter a university he needs to pass his German exam, but this doesn’t seem to happen as he spends most of his time on clubbing and sex. He is paired with the best student in the class, BASSAM (30) a Syrian refugee who acts preachy and Qing finds him annoying. Despite many conflicts, amorous tension slowly builds up between them. But Qing tries to ignore it as he is still hooked on loveless Jonas. One night, they finally end up making out, but soon Bassam is gone and leaves without a trace. Qing could barely focus on the exam as he misses Bassam. In the end Qing fails the exam in the end, but nevertheless has learned a lot in German class and realizes who is really important to him. A few years later, Qing is in university in Stockholm, he walks into a Chinese-Arab fusion fast food restaurant, and sees Bassam again. Both are in tears.

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