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Ieva Norvele

Profession: Director
Country: Latvia

Ieva Norvele is a Latvian film director and screenwriter. Ieva graduated Baltic Film and Media School, later spent several years working in film and TV productions in Czech Republic and Hungary. After moving back to Latvia, Ieva studied film directing in National Film school of the Latvian Academy of Culture. Several of short films written and directed by Ieva have been nominated for Latvia’s National film awards. In collaboration with Eszter Horváth Ieva co-wrote a feature film script Zenith thus beginning her interest in feature length.
Ieva’s short film Miru Falls in Love (15min, Tasse Film) recently premiered in Riga International Film Festival. The collaboration with production company Tasse Film and producer Aija Berzina continues in Ieva’s next short fiction film A Crack, as well as in her debut feature film The Art of Biting Your Tongue where she continues the collaboration with scriptwriter Eszter Horváth.

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