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Original title: Konji
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2024
Country: Slovenia

While Miro (37) is serving a prison sentence, which he hides from his two children David (13) and Mija (8), his relationship with his partner Renata (35) falls apart, and his father dies without being able to reconcile. Father's death awakens past traumas in him, not only in connection with the event for which he is in prison, but also with painful memories of his childhood. After his father's death, Miro spends occasional weekend releases with David and Mija. Miro and David are constantly arguing, as David is a teenage rebel. As the conflicts between them only escalate, Ranata threatens Miro with banning contact with children. When David finds himself caught in a vicious cycle of peer violence, Miro is challenged to help his son. By doing so, he must face his past mistakes and begin a more honest and genuine relationship with his children.

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