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Original title: Sunbruise
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2024
Country: Greece

An eighteen-year-old boy in a small village in Crete, George, enjoys his last careless days with his girlfriend, Katerina, whilst preparing for the start of his compulsory military service. His pet, a white ball python, starts shedding its skin. A childhood friend, Phaedon, returns to the village for the summer holidays after years of absence abroad. Under the burning bright sun of the last summer days, George’s first sexual awakening for Phaedon already foreshadows a future he wants to pursue. The unexpected news of  Katerina’s unwanted pregnancy disturbs their liberating future, but the dreams of the youngsters give birth to their new skin, at any cost. A pale white burn appears on their bodies, mutating like the physical environment around them. Between dream and reality, George will be forced to kill in order to survive. Katerina and Achilles may be able to redeem him.

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