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MIDPOINT Cold Open: Participants Selection!

The fifth edition of the program, targeting independent feature film producers transitioning to high-end series content, is welcoming 10 participants in the 2024 edition!

January 15, 2024 programs


You can meet all the producers listed below in this article.  

Cold Open will be organized in partnership with the When East Meets West co-production forum and as one of its Inspirational Labs from January 21 to January 24.

Tutors Gabor Krigler (Joyrider) and Snezana Van Houwelingen (This and That Production) together with guest tutor Bonnie Williams will familiarize the participants with the overall landscape and priorities of the industry and provide hands-on skills in the financing and distribution of scripted series content and also how to master the skill of networking.

The program will also offer to accredited industry guests of the When East Meets West open inspirational talk by Snezana Van Houwelingen:

Unveiling the Small Screen: “Morning Changes Everything” - My Debut TV Series Production Story

Sunday, January 21, 18:30-19:00 CET | Zodiaco, Savoia Excelsior Palace, Trieste, Italy

An inspirational talk that takes you on a transformative journey into the world of TV series production. Through personal experiences, challenges, and successes, Snezana van Houwelingen, producer, shares valuable insights, lessons learned, and the power of embracing the audience.


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