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Marko Jacimovic

Profession: Producer
Country: Montenegro

Born in 1979., graduated Production at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, with spec. in Film producing and started to work as producer. During studies also produced couple of student short films and two independent theatre productions as well. After graduation worked on several projects, which are international co-productions.

First was short film “Diva”, directed by Christophe Jarosz from France, and co-produced with Paviel Raymont. Film was developed during 2018. and shot in 2019., temporarily in post production. In 2019. also produced documentary “I was 10 years old”, about Kosovo refugees in Montenegro in 1999. Both films are supported by Film center of Montenegro.

At the moment developing feature film “Planeta 7693”, directed by Gojko Berkuljan and written by Ana Vujadinovic, and also co-producing documentary about Marina Abramovic.

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