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Planet 7693

Original title: Planeta 7693

Luka lives with his family in a very interesting neighborhood in the suburbs. The family is quite harmonious and pleasant. During a turbulent period, when the mother suffers a miscarriage in the advanced state of pregnancy, big misunderstandings and conflicts start emerging in the family. The father can’t seem to adapt to the new situation in which his wife, who has always pampered him, no longer cares and blames him for everything she is unhappy about. His sister Sandra is not able to fit in with peers. She becomes rough towards her family and blames them for all of her failures. Left alone, Luka immerges himself in fiction trying to find a solution for all the problems. He meets a girl in an abandoned factory complex, where he often spends his time practicing his “super powers”. She introduces herself as the serial number 7693. The two spontaneously get closer and the girl begins to help Luka develop a plan that could fix the already endangered family relationships.

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