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Madalina Grosu

Profession: Producer
Profession: Producer
Company: Youth Media Center
Country: Moldova

I am a passionate professional with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communication Sciences from Moldova State University in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova. I furthered my academic journey at the Academy of Music, Theatre, and Fine Arts in Chișinău, Republic of Moldova, where I completed a master's program in Documentary Film Directing.

With a pronounced interest in the field of cinematography, I have dedicated myself to the creation of my debut documentary film, exploring the fascinating history of the most elite Soviet hotel in the Republic of Moldova.

Over the years, I have invested time and energy in honing my screenwriting skills, actively participating in various specialized courses.

Currently, I hold the position of Multimedia Producer at the Youth Media Center, a non-governmental organization in the Republic of Moldova. Notably, we are actively involved in filming an educational media series, addressing crucial topics to enhance media literacy.

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