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Jivan Avetisyan

Profession: Producer
Profession: Producer
Company: Fish eye Art Foundation
Country: Armenia

As a child, Jivan Avetisyan grew up in one of the most violent conflicts in the Caucasus and understands well the brutal consequences of war. He unfortunately witnessed the continuation of the Artsakh War in September 2020 and in September 2023 he lost his homeland.

Jivan did not abandon his dream for filmmaking. He pursued his passion and created three international award-winning feature films. His fourth feature film Revival is in the production stage. His filmography includes over twenty documentaries and short films.

Jivan is currently developing an animation film Baa’bel, feature films Black List, Angels 2020, 5000 Years, 9 Months, 10 Days and his first TV mini-series, The Stateless Diplomat.

After years of documentary and feature work, Jivan is ready to embark on new ventures and add a mini-series and animation film to his portfolio.

Jivan’s projects center around stories that teach people about humanity to better understand the different perspectives that shape our world today

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