Now reading: MIDPOINT is opening the gates of the HOMECOMING alumni reunion!


MIDPOINT is opening the gates of the HOMECOMING alumni reunion!

MIDPOINT Homecoming Platform Unveiled: Open Call Invites Alumni to Connect, Showcase, and Reunite

January 08, 2024

The Homecoming Experience:

Scheduled for April 28-30, 2024, in the city of Prague, the MIDPOINT Homecoming promises an enriching experience.
The platform is designed to provide a space for alumni to reconnect with peers and mentors, showcase their projects, and network with like-minded professionals.

Diverse Opportunities for Alumni:

The Open Call encompasses various categories catering to the diverse talents within the MIDPOINT alumni network.
Whether you're a writer, script consultant, development executive, or a filmmaker with projects in the late stage of development, the Homecoming has a spot for you.
From Talents Rendezvous to Works in Progress Forum, Story Space, and Networking Participation, there's a category for every interest and expertise.

No Participation Fee:

A standout feature of the Homecoming is the absence of a participation fee. Additionally, selected showcase participants will enjoy secured accommodation in Prague for the entire duration of the event.

Limited Spots, Maximum Impact:

To maintain an intimate and conducive atmosphere for networking and collaboration, MIDPOINT has set a preliminary limit of 80 attendees. This  ensures that participants can engage meaningfully and make the most out of their Homecoming experience.

How to Apply:

The application process takes place online via the MIDPOINT Visitor Page. Alumni are encouraged to create an account, explore the Homecoming event details, and apply to the call that aligns with their preferences. Multiple applications are welcome. 

Check Your Inbox (and Spam!):

As the Open Call invitations are dispatched, MIDPOINT advises alumni to check their email inboxes. In case they will not find their invitation, they should immediately contact the MIDPOINT teams at 

See you in Prague!



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