Minos Nikolakakis's feature-length directorial debut Entwined was developed within MIDPOINT program in 2013 and had its world premiere in 2019 within Toronto International Film Festival.

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Entwined / 2019 / Greece, United Kingdom 

The director Minos Nikolakakis recounts his experience with us:

“Although Entwined was inspired by Greek folk tales, early on it felt intriguing to handle it differently from the straight-genre approach, a tricky bet, as audiences have demanding expectations on fantasy/horror. MIDPOINT was vital in finding the right balance to the genre elements combined with a realistic approach.

During the sessions, the human story and the psychological aspect of the characters was put forward which then dictated the amount of the fantastic input. This experience led to a grounded-in-reality fantasy film, something that could happen to you or me. It is open for interpretation and mixes different feels and genres. I will definitely expand this approach on my upcoming projects.”

Minos elaborates the very successful journey of the project after the MIDPOINT experience:

“Entwined premiered at Toronto IFF in the Discovery section, then participated in Warsaw IFF, Thessaloniki IFF, IFFI Goa, 39th Istanbul IFF and will soon be screened at Fantaspoa 2020. It was selected for a number of events that got cancelled due to covid-19 and has offers from others which I cannot yet announce.

It got a location award at Thessaloniki Film Festival which is special as the woods that we shot the film in at Mountain Parnonas were, according to a legend, the residence of God Pan and inspired many ancient Greek legends. I am happy that people credit that energy. I am hoping that festivals will resume in safety so that the film can continue its run soon.

Τhe film has acquired U.S distribution and will hopefully get theatrical release soon, followed by a VOD release. Later this year, it will screen on COSMOTE TV’s VOD service and be broadcasted by ERT. There are some options as the industry and festivals have shifted towards online viewing which we are trying to follow but also resist at the same time. I strongly believe that nothing can compare to the joined cinematic trip and Entwined is better experienced on the big screen so we are trying to give it a chance as much as we can with this medium first.”

And what is Minos up to now?

“I am shooting a short film that focuses on a peculiar ‘transformation’, experimenting on my recent experience from the feature. I am also developing an anthology TV series that has a contemporary Twilight-zone feel and also my second feature that combines elements of horror/comedy with themes of social class struggle, expanding my narrative approach; inexplicable situations that occur to everyday people in a way you least expect them to, but act as catalysts to transform them. Mixing genres and cinematic feels has kind of become a personal narrative trademark, as I think audiences have become a bit tired of watching familiar stories, often in a way that they expect. And since life often happens in ways that we don’t expect, why shouldn’t films too?”

City doctor Panos relocates to a remote village in order to offer his services to the community. It’s love at first sight when he sets eyes on Danae, who lives in isolation, with a mysterious skin condition. Determined to cure her, Panos will soon discover Danae is not the helpless princess he thought she was and time is of the essence for both of them.

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Director: Minos Nikolakakis
Writers: John de Holland, Minos Nikolakakis
Cinematographer: Thodoros Mihopoulos, GSC
Editor: Giorgos Georgopoulos
Production Designer: Chrysa Daponte
Music: Sotiris Debonos
Producers: Minos Nikolakakis, Lilette Botassi
Executive Producer: Inkas Film Productions
Co-producers: Greek Film Center, ERT, COSMOTE TV, Multivision, Authorwave, Melancholy Star, Hellenicki Techniki
Main Cast: Prometheus Aleiferopoulos, Anastasia-Rafaela Konidi, Kostas Laskos, Manos Vakoussis, Anna Kozadinou, Aleka Toumazatou, John de Holland, Maria Eglezaki

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City doctor Panos relocates to a remote village in order to offer his services to the community. It’s love at first sight when he sets eyes on Danae, who lives in isolation, with a rare condition ...
MIDPOINT participants: Minos Nikolakakis, Minos Nikolakakis
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