Now reading: Feature Launch reveals the 2022 generation


Feature Launch reveals the 2022 generation

We are thrilled to announce the 9 new feature film projects and 3 script consultant trainees that have been selected for MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022.

MIDPOINT Institute's leading feature-length film program Feature Launch is designed for filmmakers working on their first and second films

March 03, 2022 programs

Selected writers, producers and directors are about to experience in-depth script and project development training, starting in March 2022.

Moreover, three script consultant trainees will accompany the selected projects on their inspirational journey. 

Projects Selection:

A Flower is Not a Flower 
/ Romania

Cristian Pascariu, writer, producer

Adriana Racasan, producer



Armands Zacs, writer, director 

Alise Gelze, producer


Dolphin/ Poland

Sonja Orlewicz - Zakrzewska, writer, director 

Magdalena Sztorc, producer


My Best Friend's Baby/ Sweden, Croatia

Sophie Vukovic, writer, director

Eliza Jones, producer


My name is Lily/ Cyprus

Yianna Americanou, writer, director

Christina Georgiou, writer, producer

Stelana Kliris, producer


Side by Side/ Czech Republic

Kilian Vratnik, writer, director

Natalie Golovchenko, co-writer

Noemi Krausova, producer


The First Week of August/ Croatia

Filip Mojzes, writer, director

Matej Merlic, producer


Twentyseven/ Slovakia

Gregor Valentovic, writer, director

Zora Jaurova, producer


You Better BE/ Bulgaria

Jonathan Heidelberger, writer, director

Magdelena Ilieva, writer, director, producer

Drago Bago, producer


Script Consultant Trainees

Alizee Musson/ France

Andras Soos/ Hungary

Sonja Tarokic/ Croatia


MIDPOINT Institute is excited to continue the industry collaboration with Karlovy Vary International Film FestivalTrieste Film Festival and When East Meets West, to make another edition of Feature Launch possible.

The whole program starts in March 2022 with a residential workshop in Prague (March 10-17), then continues with online workshop on May 3 – 6, 2022.
The third residential workshop in Prague (June 2022) is immediately followed by the Works in development - Feature Launch project showcase at the Karlovy Vary IFF in July 2022.
The main financial KVIFF & MIDPOINT Development Award of 10,000 EUR for the best project will be granted within Eastern Promises Industry Days of Karlovy Vary IFF as well.

Then the arch of the program continues with another online workshop in November 2022 focused also on marketing and distribution strategies.
The producers of the selected projects will then be invited to Trieste, Italy in 2023 for the special Company Time follow-up workshop, which will offer support in the areas of company sustainability and strategic business planning. This training is designed and co-organized with our partners EAVE, Trieste Film Festival and When East Meets West.

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A Flower is Not a Flower

Ana, an 11-year-old girl is abandoned by her parents in a Romanian orphanage for “irrecoverable” children. In this communist institution, children are treated like stacks of meat. Against the ...
MIDPOINT participants: Cristian Pascariu , Adriana Racasan
Project detail


A group of millennials who are yet to find their place in this world, start to fall apart during a psychedelic music festival, while their close friends Ieva and Alex are at the hospital, having the ...
MIDPOINT participants: Armands Zacs, Alise Gelze
Project detail


Anna learns that stable relationships can get ruined by surprises when her boyfriend Jan comes back from holidays in a state of pregnancy, with a little dolphin growing inside his belly. Anna cannot ...
Project detail

My Best Friend’s Baby

Damir (33) floats between Grindr dates and late nights at Stockholm’s gay clubs, but hasn’t come out to his family who live in Croatia. His best friend Sara (37) has decided to have a child on her ...
MIDPOINT participants: Sophie Vukovic, Eliza Jones
Project detail

My name is Lily

Lily announces to her business partner and admirer, Alex, that she wants to adopt, revealing she was born intersex. Rather than the rejection she had feared, he supports her. But, while acquiring a ...
Project detail

Side by Side

Four young millennials living their dynamic urban lives find themselves in a strangely magical forest without any technologies. Unbalanced Sebastian is trying to save his relationship with Andrea ...
Project detail

The First Week of August

A family drama with elements of a thriller analyzing the workings of a dysfunctional upper-middle class family, and the effects of Zoran and Ivana Ler’s actions on the behaviour of their ...
MIDPOINT participants: Filip Mojzes, Matej Merlic
Project detail


Four best friends who promised that their friendship would last forever turn twenty-seven. After Hana gets married, Bažo moves to Germany and Maja falls in love, David finds himself all alone. He is ...
MIDPOINT participants: Gregor Valentovic, Zora Jaurova
Project detail

You Better BE

Tanya (50), a general’s daughter under the military boot as a kid, became a control-monster with dinosaur ambition for her children. Projecting success at all times, she hides her advanced cancer ...
Project detail

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