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Original title: Delfin
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022

Anna learns that stable relationships can get ruined by surprises when her boyfriend Jan comes back from holidays in a state of pregnancy, with a little dolphin growing inside his belly. Anna cannot continue drifting along the shallow waters of her routine. Feeling left out of this extraordinary and transcendent event, she starts to sink. However it isn’t the little Dolphin who pulls Anna down – it’s her own carefully hidden blockages and complexes. The emergence of Dolphin in the couple’s life will kick up a storm, which will change the whole landscape. To save the relationship, Anna will have to learn to let Jan into what’s most intimate.

Dolphin is a surreal dramedy about breaking free by achieving self-acceptance, maturing up to a relationship and learning to release what one loves, set in the seaside landscapes and filled with music conducting main character’s emotions.

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