MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022


A professional script- and project-development program for creative teams and aspiring script consultants who believe in the importance of teamwork.

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An exquisite experience

The program targets creative teams with feature films in development & aspiring script consultants coming primarily from Central and Eastern Europe.

For teams of writers, 1st or 2nd time directors and producers

  • move your feature film project to the next level
  • create a financing, marketing, sales, distribution or pitching strategy for your project
  • work with some of the most established European and international creators and professionals who are willing to lay the cards out on the table (good or bad)
  • get unique professional international feedback from our tutors and your peers
  • explore the current film industry landscape and trends
  • pitch it & network at Karlovy Vary IFF

For Script Consultant Trainees

  • learn to give constructive feedback
  • enhance your script editing and communication skills in the creative process
  • train your presentation skills
  • become the next generation of script editors
  • make the next step in your career
  • pitch yourself & network at Karlovy Vary IFF

Program Awards

KVIFF & MIDPOINT Development Award

A joint financial award of MIDPOINT and the Karlovy Vary IFF of 10,000 EUR for the best project of the Feature Launch 2020 program underlines the aim of the program itself – help emerging talents from Central and Eastern Europe to develop their film projects. 

connecting cottbus Award

Selected project from MIDPOINT Feature Launch will be granted the opportunity to present itself during the pitching event within connecting cottbus co-production market. Participation will include individual consultations from international film professionals and one-to-one meetings with potential partners.

Rotterdam Lab Award

One producer will be handpicked to go on to participate in the professional training program for producers, Rotterdam Lab, which takes place during IFFR/International Film Festival Rotterdam.

We came here with characters and plot. We came out with a story.

Pauls Kesteris
Director, Feature Launch 2021 Alumnus


  • Script Consultant Trainees
    Preparatory Seminar
    February/March 2022 | TBC

    Script consultant trainees are briefed and pre-trained by their mentor. The aim is to get acquainted with their mentor, the projects and gain the fundamentals of script consultancy.


  • All participants
    Workshop 1
    March 2022 | Slovakia

    Workshop 1 focuses mainly on creative development and structural dramaturgy while also allowing the participants to gain deeper knowledge about other aspects of the industry such as film financing or market positioning.

    Tailor-made online consultations follow the workshop according to the needs of each project.


    The script consultant trainees are trained by both their trainee mentor who supervises their entire learning process, and Feature Launch tutors, who help them understand the different approaches and strategies they use while developing feature film projects. Each trainee is assigned to a group of projects and works closely with the script consultant tutor and the participants on the development of their scripts. In addition, the trainees regularly meet their trainee mentor and review their learning progress.

    Through this process, the trainees are acquainted with the script and development aspects of developing a film project, enhance their communication skills in the creative process and most importantly, learn how to give constructive feedback to the creative teams to help them move forward in their development.

  • All participants
    Workshop 2
    May 2022 | online

    Online individual consultations, group work, lectures focused on script/treatment development (writing a new step outline or other assignments given by group leaders with respect to the project), financing plan, production financing plan. Individual consultations serve the purpose of the tutors to consult every project individually in the interim process between the workshops, giving their feedback and notes. The group work enables to incorporate feedbacks also from the fellow participants.

  • All participants
    Workshop 3
    June-July 2022 | Prague and Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

    The workshop serves as a platform to further advance the scripts, while it also incorporates marketing and sales strategies into the development process. Workshop 2 also includes an intensive training which addresses the crucial matters connected to presentation skills and promotion as well as the basics of business development and sustainability training. This workshop is immediately followed by the Works in development - Feature Launch project showcase at the Karlovy Vary IFF, where all 9 selected projects are presented to an audience of industry decision makers, including funders, sales agents, producers and festival programmers. One-to-one meetings and further networking follow the presentations.

    The program Awards are handed within this workshop.


    The script consultant trainees continue to witness the different stages of development of the projects up through the final presentation at Karlovy Vary IFF. They are present at the pitching training and rehearsals of the projects and also prepare for their own presentations, to pitch themselves as industry professionals during the pitching forum at KVIFF. They will also use the networking opportunities at the event for their future careers.

  • All participants
    Workshop 4
    Autumn 2022 | online

    Individual consultations, group works, master classes, lectures focused on marketing and distribution strategies including new formats (new opportunities for cross-media promotion and distribution particularly exploring the options of digital and social platforms), introduction to the company development training, individual consultations with script consultants and producer tutor.

  • Producers
    Company Time for Producers
    January 2023 | Trieste, Italy

    Follow-up workshop Company Time offers producer participants of the Feature Launch program the support in the area of company sustainability and strategic business planning. This training is designed and co-organized with our partner EAVE.

    The workshop is led by Linda Beath, project financing and strategic business planning expert consulting European and international producers. Her areas of expertise also include policy issues or new business models involving digital media.

    During 4 working days, the participants will enhance their entrepreneurial skills, analyse their companies, and get feedback both from Linda, and renowned experts from European film industry who will share their personal experience in leading their businesses – in and outside the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

    Moreover, the workshop is running in the frame of When East Meets West, therefore the participants would be able to join its industry program, network, and approach potential business partners.

    After the workshop, the participants will get an opportunity to attend online follow-up with an expert to further discuss the individual strategy for their company.


Huge motivation boost and way to move you project to the next level

How to apply & requirements

Take the first step towards your MIDPOINT journey


1,500 EUR
writers, directors, trainees
Possible to pay in installments. The fee includes accommodation, board and tuition during the workshops. Travel costs are NOT included. Scholarships are available.


1,800 EUR
Possible to pay in installments. The fee includes accommodation, board and tuition during the workshops. Travel costs are NOT included. Scholarships are available.



Who can apply

  • teams of writers and/or directors and producers (max. 3 participants per team) with projects of first and second feature films (the rule regarding first or second feature film applies only to the director)
  • aspiring script consultants

Application requirements

To apply for the workshop, please create an account on the MIDPOINT Institute Visitor Page and follow the instructions within the submission form.

The instructions will contain detailed regulations and further information on the requested materials.

All applicants will be informed about the selection results in January 2022. You may expect to be asked for an online interview.


Required materials:

For Script Consultant Trainees

  • basic information about the applicant
  • applicant's statement of purpose
  • scene analysis
  • short professional biography
  • photo

For Projects

  • basic information about the project
  • logline
  • synopsis
  • treatment or script
  • writer's note
  • director's note
  • producer's package
    - preliminary financing plan of the project
    - development & production timetable of the project
    - brief distribution strategy of the project
    - profile of the production company
    - producer's letter elaborating the strategy
    - elaboration on the co-production potential with Central and Eastern Europe (required only for projects outside of the CEE region)
  • short professional biographies of all team members
  • photos of all team members
  • previous work of the writer
  • previous reference script(s) of the writer in English
  • previous work of the director


Did we forget something? Don't hesitate to ask

Sona Morgenthalova
Program Coordinator