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Andras Soos

Country: Hungary

András Soós was born in 1996 in Budapest. He graduated as a screenwriter and script editor at the Hungarian University of Theatre and Film Arts in 2021. He started to work in television early during his studies: he wrote more than 50 episodes of critically and commercially successful sitcoms for RTL Hungary and other TV channels. He briefly worked as a film critic and tried his hand as a dramaturge in theatre. He frequently collaborates with various Hungarian directors (such as Bálint Kenyeres and Ádám Freund) as a script editor and co-writer. In 2022, his project The Cluster (co-written by Bálint Kenyeres) was in the three finalists of HBO Europe’s and the American Independent Film Festival’s screenwriting contest, „Write a Screenplay for Ioana Bugarin”. The script is currently in development with the help of mentors such as Cristian Mungiu.

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