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Original title: Dvadsaťsedem
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022

Four best friends who promised that their friendship would last forever turn twenty-seven. After Hana gets married, Bažo moves to Germany and Maja falls in love, David finds himself all alone. He is forced to embark on a new journey to find out that his adult life as a queer person might be different than of those who grew up with him.

Twentyseven is a film about the early-life crisis of late twenties who face the finality of having to grow up, to understand that happiness is not to be sought after and home is just a state of mind. This quest happens in Central Europe, changing socially and politically at a dizzying pace. Topics of getting adult as queer, catholic faith, moving abroad for a better job at the expense of family, or the twisted image of identity on social media put the topic of friendship into HERE and NOW and turns it into a generational statement.

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