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Franz Rodenkirchen

Country: Germany

Franz Rodenkirchen is a Berlin-based independent script consultant, teacher and tutor in workshops and individual project development.

Together with Françoise von Roy he founded Script Circle in 2014, a bi-monthly script development-workshop in Berlin, and also with Françoise von Roy runs the script consulting training workshop Six Days of Practice for film professionals.

He works with CineLink /Sarajevo, SEAFIC (Southeast Asia Fiction Film Lab) and MIDPOINT Institute. For Berlinale Talents he selects and mentors projects at their annual Script Station and also teaches at dffb Berlin as well as other film academies.

Franz co-wrote four feature-films (1987-1994) with director Jörg Buttgereit. In 1996 he started working as a script consultant for international independent projects. From 2006 – 2015 he was one of the core advisors at Binger Filmlab/Amsterdam and from 2005 2020 a tutor for TorinoFilmLab.

Franz occasionally publishes short essays about different aspects of his work and lectures for diverse institutions on script consulting approaches.

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