MIDPOINT Intensive CZ 2021


A professional script development program created to offer unique support for Czech filmmakers with feature film in development who believe in team work and the importance of script consultancy.



Upcoming Czech feature films in development


Alice (12) has a secret. She is a great gamer but no one knows it. Not even her mother who has bigger expectations of her daughter. When the mother accidentaly finds out about her secret, Alice ...
MIDPOINT participants: Julietta SichelHana Cielova
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Human Instinct

Two young people meet while hitchhiking. XAVERY (26) feels lost and is looking for his place in the world. Anxious and depressed, he is thinking about suicide. REBEKA (23) is an environmental ...
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A 90-minute film depicting the critical 24 hours in the life of the Slovak figure skater Ondrej Nepela; intense and intimate personal drama of a young man, who, after years of dutiful representation ...
MIDPOINT participants: Petr Kratochvil Nina Morgenstein
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Night butterfly

Long ago, the human world was connected to the magical world, people and magical beings could travel back and forth, it was those happy times. Unfortunately, one day the evil wizard closed the ...
MIDPOINT participants: Alzbeta JanackovaVojtech Bohuslav
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Petra's film

Petra is a 14-year-old girl who has recently changed her school, as her mother Lucy wanted her to have a better future. Petra soon falls in love with a schoolmate boy Karel. Her world collapses when ...
MIDPOINT participants: Saimir BajoPavel RuzyakPavel Ruzyak
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Side by Side

Four young millennials living their dynamic urban lives find themselves in a strangely magical forest without any technologies. Unbalanced Sebastian, his success-driven girlfriend Andrea, ...
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Gyula Gazdag
United States  
Gyula Gazdag is a director of film, theatre, and television productions. He has served as the Artistic Director of the Sundance Director‘s Lab since 1997. He was a creative advisor at the Binger ...
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Franz Rodenkirchen
Franz Rodenkirchen is a Berlin-based independent script consultant, teacher and tutor in workshops and individual project development. Together with Françoise von Roy he founded Script Circle in ...
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Guest Tutors

David Pope
United Kingdom  
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Teona Strugar Mitevska
North Macedonia  
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  • All participants
    November 13–16, 2021 | Online

    The creative teams work on the development of their scripts within intensive individual consultations with tutors Gyula Gazdag, Franz Rodenkirchen and the guest tutor. The creative atmosphere is supported by the discussion at the „roundtable“, enhancing the knowledge and skills connected to the processes occurring during scriptwriting.

    A Script Is Bigger Than What Is Written
    Teona Strugar Mitevska
    14/11/2021 | Online

    A script is written few times, in three basic steps to be exact: the first step is the actual writing with all its rewritings, what follows is the cinematic adaptation that within includes the integration of the cinematic elements: locations, casting, mise-en–scene, framing. It is essentially a visual conception and therefore an adaptation of the written to the given limitations. The third and last step is editing where the script is written or rewritten again, this is the moment of letting go in order to find the story yet again.

    Step 1: Writing
    Finding the right story and putting it on paper is about passion, an idea, inner urge, motivation and answering the crucial WHY!

    Step 2: Shooting and preparation
    Visualization of the written is about using the full potential of the cinematic form, an imperative step of the film-making process.

    Step 3: Editing
    The process of letting go and allowing the footage to take reign! Accepting what’s on the screen versus what was on the paper is essential to this stage, because in reality the script after the passage through the three stages, this is in case everything is done properly and studiously, is always bigger/should be bigger than what is written!

    Why do you want to tell this story?
    Franz Rodenkirchen

    Creative discussion for all the team members to discover and explore the right and functional storytelling motivations, to help formulate the basic inner creative instincts, and to help navigate in the pool of creative ideas. 

    How to create successful collaboration between screenwriter, script consultant, director and producer
    Gyula Gazdag, Franz Rodenkirchen

    Creative discussion for all the team members to help find the effective balance in the creative team with an outline of functional processes than make the creative collaboration successful. 

  • Guest Projects Individual Consultations
    December 2-3, 2021 | Online

    Individual script consultations for two guest projects led by tutor David Pope.



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