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Side by Side

Original title: Vedle sebe

Four young millennials living their dynamic urban lives find themselves in a strangely magical forest without any technologies. Unbalanced Sebastian is trying to save his relationship with Andrea interested only in the online world. Sebastian's sister Johana suffers from infinite options the world offers, and a mysterious Anna who’s living in a lie of a victim. These four find themselves side by side, but not together, in a car. The car breaks down in the woods and they are forced to deal with the situation. They fail and the night is coming. Also, a dog and a man from a local creepy gas station keep mysteriously appearing, somehow connected to a nearby Slavic tumulus. The four are awash in fear, but fear brings them together, and over various struggles, they find a way out through accepting themselves. Or is it just a generational problem and a clear solution was right beside them?

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