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The First Week of August

Original title: Prvi tjedan u kolovozu
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022

A family drama with elements of a thriller analyzing the workings of a dysfunctional upper-middle class family, and the effects of Zoran and Ivana Ler’s actions on the behaviour of their ten-year-old son David. The trigger for the central plot is the moment in which the mother, on their way to their summer vacation, responds to her son’s disobedience in an exaggerated way, physically turning on him, thus initiating a chain of events in which the parents will have to cope with their son’s growing defiance. On an island in the Adriatic sea, they meet their long-time friends, the Vučković family. Slowly, tension builds between the two families due to David’s increasing resistance, sabotage and manipulation, prompting a complete shift of power from Ivana to David. Eventually the whole situation gets out of hand as David tries to test the limits of his new found supremacy.

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