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The First Week of August

Original title: Prvi tjedan u kolovozu
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022

Ivana and Zoran Ler are a dysfunctional upper-middle class married couple raising their ten-year-old son David. On their way to summer vacation, David gets lost at a ferry port, prompting an exaggerated reaction from Ivana. She slaps him hard across the face, initiating a chain of events in which she and Zoran will have to cope with their son’s growing defiance. Arriving on an island in the Adriatic, they meet their long-time friends, the Vučković family. Tension builds between the two families due to David’s increasing resistance, sabotage and manipulation. The whole situation eventually gets out of hand, leading to a complete shift of power from parents to son, as David tests the limits of his new-found supremacy. A mirror image of the parents’ mistakes is reflected through the son, highlighting their reckless use of authority.

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