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Matej Merlic

Profession: Producer
Country: Croatia

Matej Merlić is a producer, graduate of the Film Production Studies at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2018 Matej joined the production company Castor Multimedia where he currently works as a producer. There he gathered a team of highly professional and artistic associates with whom he is developing various fictional and TV projects. In 2019 New Europe Market's (NEM) TV Writing Contest, Matej

Merlić won the main award in unscripted category with his interactive game show Travel Bug. With Castor Multimedia he is currently working on several films and series in different stages of development and production. 


FILMOGRAPHY (As a producer):

2022 / The One and Only / documentary series

2021 / Survival (Season 02) / documentary series

2020 / I'm not telling you anything, just sayin' / Sanja Milardović / short film

2020 / All dogs die / Ninna Palmadottir / short film

2020 / Once Upon a Youth / Ivan Ramljak / documentary feature

2019 / Survival (Season 01) / documentary series

2018 / Patrol Uranus / Lovro Mrđen / short documentary

2016 / Two One Away Match / prime-time talk show

2016 / Fabijan / Lovro Mrđen / short film

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