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My Best Friend’s Baby

Original title: Min bästa vans bebis
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022

Damir (33) and Sara (37) have found a home in each other and Stockholm’s queer community. Damir floats between nightclubs and still hasn’t come out to his family in Croatia. Sara, single and self-reliant, wants to have a child on her own. The friends are convinced they’re so progressive that even a baby can’t change their special bond. Damir offers to donate his sperm - but won’t be involved as a dad.

When Damir has to visit Croatia for his cousin’s wedding, pregnant Sara comes along. As usual, if his family want to assume they are a couple, that’s up to them. Once on the off-season Adriatic island, their straight act begins to live a life of its own. Damir’s boisterous and intrusive family soon figure out Sara is pregnant.

Now Damir and Sara must face the fact that the baby is real and on its way - and that everything is about to change.

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