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My Best Friend’s Baby

Original title: Min bästa vans bebis
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022

Damir (33) floats between Grindr dates and late nights at Stockholm’s gay clubs, but hasn’t come out to his family who live in Croatia. His best friend Sara (37) has decided to have a child on her own, but is losing hope after several failed fertility treatments. Damir offers to donate his sperm to Sara and to both of their surprise, she gets pregnant.

When Damir’s mother calls to tell him his father is terminally ill, Damir falls into crisis. In an attempt to finally make his father proud, Damir tells his family that he is having a child with a Swedish woman. He convinces Sara to pretend to be his girlfriend and travel to meet his family on the Adriatic Island where they live. Once there, the act starts to wear on them.

To save their friendship and survive the week with the family, Sara and Damir will have to re-think everything they thought they knew about family - and about themselves.

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