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You Better BE

Original title: You Better BE
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022

Boggie (28) and his mom Tanya (55) live in distant towns and meet every few months. Their relationship seems great but is built on many lies. Having grown up in a small Bulgarian conservative town, Boggie has hidden that he is gay at all costs all his life. This evolved into him inventing and performing extreme personas of what people want and expect, and as a result he achieves success. But when Tanya is diagnosed with cancer and comes to live with him, Boggie’s polished facade begins to crack and he suffers an emotional breakdown. No longer able to hide his life and take care of Tanya as she is falling apart too, his most hidden persona is revealed – himself. This is when mother and child, with death at the door, have a strange emotional convergence and relive everything they suppressed all those years.

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