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You Better BE

Original title: You Better BE
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2022

Tanya (50), a general’s daughter under the military boot as a kid, became a control-monster with dinosaur ambition for her children. Projecting success at all times, she hides her advanced cancer with a dominatrix corset. But ultimately the disease punishes her into treatment. This involves moving to the capital city with her daughter Mimi (18) into the flat of her adored son Boggie (26)—where they all get locked-down due to a new virus MOVIN-54. But it turns out Boggie, who Tanya thought would soon deliver her a grandson, lives there with Guillaume—presented as a “roommate”, but secretly his lover. And Mimi—who Tanya believes will become the next governor—is secretly auditioning to be a star in a top rated reality TV show. With her life completely out of control, Tanya ultimately learns to let go, connect for the first time with her kids, and live life—even as death knocks on the door.

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